Monday, January 27, 2014

Chicken Stock & Bone Broth-

Chicken stock or bone broth is amazing stuff.  It's so delicious and makes anything that calls for chicken stock or bouillon so much better!  It also is crazy nutritious-  The Gut & Psychology Syndrome book says, "Meat stock aids digestion and has been known for centuries as a healing folk remedy for the digestive tract.  Also homemade meat stock is extremely nourishing; it is full of minerals, vitamins, amino-acids and various other nutrients in a very bio-available form."  So ya, it's awesome.  There are slightly different techniques you can do but here's what we like-  

(This was from a giant pot we made from 2 chicken carcasses)

Chicken Stock:

Whole Chicken or chicken bones
1-2 Tblsp vinegar (I usually do apple cider vinegar)
Salt- probably a couple Tablespoons, I just sprinkle it in (really you can add salt anytime).  
In a large pot put in your whole chicken or chicken bones.  Cover with water a few inches above chicken and add vinegar & salt.  Let sit for 30- 60 minutes (this helps leach out minerals from the bones).  Bring to a boil, cover the pot and reduce the heat to low.  If using a whole chicken remove the meat after about 2 hours (so the meat will not dry out) but allow the bones to simmer for 6-24 hours (longer is better for higher mineral and gelatin content of the stock).  We usually have done for 24 hours but I just heard that the gelatin content goes down after 12 hours so that would be ideal.  Then strain the stock into a pitcher and discard the bones or skin leftovers.  I like to put the stock into pint bottles so they are around 2 cups which is nice to use  in recipes or for Top Ramen noodles or vegetable soup for lunch.  This will keep in the fridge for a couple weeks or in the freezer.  

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